"Becoming a part of a short-term mission team is one of the best ways to experience first-hand God's wider work around the world, enlarge your faith in God working in and through you and explore God's call on your life."

- Jonathan Harris, STAMP Wales Host


North Carolina (April 21-April 25)

Missionary Hosts: Stan & Faith DeLaCour

Team Size: 5-10


Dominican Republic (July 9-16)

Missionary Hosts: Kyle & Dariana Bradley

Team Size: 5-15








Wales (July 21-July 31)

Missionary Hosts: Jonathan & Amy Harris

Team Size: 8-12






Czech Republic (May 23-June 3)

Missionary Hosts: Nathan & Vera Beck

Team Size: 4-15





Learn more about these four teams and the short-term mission program here.


Although 70% of the world's population has heard the gospel in some form, 30% of the world (two billion people) has had virtually no exposure to the gospel message. As a result, there exists 1,600 people groups in which less than 2% of their population is evangelical Christian. The majority of these least-reached peoples live in areas of religious restriction, with great language and cultural barriers to the spread of the gospel.

Our Response


For the past 25 years, our missions policy has explicitly stated our intention to give priority to those areas in which the opportunity for hearing the gospel is relatively small. Today some of the largest least-reached people groups are found in India, China, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, Iran, Tunisia and Vietnam.

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