1. Give online using a debit/credit card or directly from your bank account. Login for faster giving or give anonymously.

  2. Mail a check to: Financial Secretary, College Church, 332 E. Seminary Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187

  3. Send funds directly from your bank account to the church as though you were paying a bill. Your bank’s website will tell you how to do this. For more ways to give please see our giving info page.

  4. Our ministries continue to look forward to our winter responsible reopening plan, but we need your help to pray and give as the Lord leads you.

    If you have any questions regarding the church’s finances, please contact Nancy Singer, at

  5. YTD Budget: $7,930,212

    YTD Actual: $7,732,332

    Difference: ($197,880) week 51 of 52

Our number: 630-394-5180
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