College Church History


Even with a significant history—more than 150 years of ministry since its founding—College Church isn’t stuck in the past. We thank God for his faithfulness in working through the people of this church throughout our history and moving forward. For his honor and glory, we are fully engaged in preaching the Word, doing ministry and being global moral preservatives and lights in culture. As always, College Church is committed to biblical preaching, applying God’s Word to all of life and proclaiming God’s love globally through missions outreach.

You may read more about the story of God’s grace and mercy to this church in Edith L. Blumhofer’s History of College Church in Wheaton: The First 150 years. The book describes College Church’s commitment to Scripture, missions and standing up for morally significant matters 

To order your copy, contact Jonathan.





2009-present Josh Moody

1979-2006 R. Kent Hughes (Senior Pastor Emeritus)

1973-1977 Nathan Goff

1958-1972 L.P. McClenny

1957-1958 Carl Armerding (interim)

1955-1956 Rober Lazear

1951-1955 Carl Armerding

1947-1950 Robert G. Rayburn

1946-1947 Paul Stough (interim)

1933-1946 Evan Welsh

1932-1933 Herbert Moule, interim

1930-1932 Arthur D. Penney

1929-1930 Herbert Moule, interim

1927-1929 William R. Dodd

1921-1926 John Wallace Welsh

1918-1921 Franklin C. Neitz

1910-1917 Jonas G. Brooks

1906-1909 William Evans

1902-1905 Walter L. Ferris

1899-1902 Edwin S. Carr

1898-1899 Charles A. Blanchard, interim

1894-1898 William H. Chandler

1891-1894 D. Wellseley Wise

1890-1891 James Brewer

1883-1889 Albert J. Chittenden

1878-1883 Charles A. Blanchard

1875-1878 Lathrop Austin Taylor

1871-1875 James Barr Walker

1868-1871 William H. Brewster

1864-1867 Silas F. Millikan

1863-1864 Edwin N. Lewis

1860-1862 Jonathan Blanchard