Short-Term (0-3 months)

These individuals engage in cross-cultural ministry from one week to up to three months.

Mid-Term (3 months-3 years)

There are many opportunities to serve mid-term with our missionary family worldwide in Spain, Middle East, Austria, Papua New Guinea, Africa and many others. Additionally, College Church offers three specific programs that require commitments ranging from 1-3 years.

Collegiate Study Team--Asia (1 year)

More people speak Mandarin than any other language on earth. This team will devote a year to studying Mandarin at an Asian university, while serving as a vibrant witness for Christ among students on campus.

Teacher Team--Indonesia (2 years)

Minister at an international school. This is a great opportunity to gain experience as a new teacher or to mentor new teaching professionals asa seasoned teacher. Join this team as they teach at Mountainview Academy in Indonesia.

Move Initiative Team--Northern France/North Africa (3 years)

North Africans continue to move to Europe. Will Christians respond with the message and love of Christ at this critical point in history? College Church, Wheaton Bible Church and Greater Europe Mission are working together to develop teams to reach this Muslim immigrant community.