Immigrants and Refugees

We were an oppressed people and estranged through exile until Christ, our ultimate advocate, provided us with kingdom citizenship. Let us model His compassionate care as we serve those displaced in a foreign land.

Volunteer with English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

In-Home ESL Tutoring
Develop a lasting friendship with a refugee adult or couple while helping them to improve their English.

Citizenship Tutoring
Help prepare immigrants and refugees to successfully complete their Citizenship Interviews.

Adult ESL Classes
Assist an ESL teacher as a classroom aide in morning language and job classes, and form friendships with adult students from all around the world.

ESL Children's Program
Impact the lives of preschoolers and their parents in this program that not only provides care for infant and preschool-aged children of ESL students, but also introduces them to Jesus through teaching and example. Volunteer as a classroom aide or provide transportation to class for a family with small children.

Homework Club
Offer homework help or read with a child at the Wheaton Square Apartments.

Liberian Fellowship Children's Ministry
Help care for the children of our Liberian brothers and sisters by playing and reading the Bible with them during this Sunday evening program.

Reach out to Wheaton's foreign-born residents

Good Neighbor Teams
Moving to the U.S. can be an overwhelming experience. Work as a team to help a refugee family learn English, integrate into a new culture, navigate the medical system, and adapt to their work environment. Commit one to two hours a week for six months to help a refugee family transition to life in Wheaton. 

Relocate to Wheaton Square Apartments
Take the next step in loving your refugee and immigrant neighbors by moving into their neighborhood and becoming a part of their daily lives. Reside among the most vulnerable and live out the love of Christ.

Reach out to your neighbors and colleagues

Foreign-born Neighbors
Is there a foreign-born family on your street? Invite them to share a meal with your family, build a cross-cultural friendship and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray for boldness and opportunity with your foreign-born neighbors.

Foreign-born Colleagues
Do you work with immigrants or refugees? Invite them to lunch, befriend them and learn about their culture and family or ask them to study the Bible with you. Pray for boldness and opportunity with your foreign-born colleagues.