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Coming Soon to College Church!

Have you ever wondered about spiritual things or wanted to raise your hand in a service and ask a question or three? Know someone else who has (#askingforafriend)? How do we go about answering these questions and helping others along the way? How do we work together to EXPLORE GOD?


What is Explore God?

The mission of Explore God is: to take on tough questions that deserve deep, intelligent, and nuanced answers – questions about God, purpose, suffering, Jesus, the Bible, religion, and other topics. Their goal is to help others to see God’s story with clear eyes and a plain view of how we fit into it. They set out to help us start conversations and give participants something valuable to think about to take next steps of faith.

For five consecutive weeks, beginning January 27, College Church will join over 750 churches in the Chicagoland Explore God initiative. The effort is profound, but the plan is simple. Pastor Moody will preach a sermon that explores one of the most asked questions about who God is and how we know Him. Throughout the following week, discussion groups will meet together to ask questions that come out of the sermon, all within the context of conversation and exploration


How is College Church involved?

Discussion groups will involve current small groups as well as groups that will begin when Explore God kicks off. Discussion videos and questions will be provided. Anyone is welcome! In fact, that’s what these groups are for. Have you been looking for that perfect time to invite your friend who has all those questions to church? This is your chance! New groups will meet on the College Church campus and off-site at local businesses and homes. We are currently putting together that line-up.


How can you join in?

First of all, PRAY. Pray that God would begin a revival movement, saving souls in Wheaton and all of Chicagoland! Pray also for Pastor Moody, as he prepares and preaches these sermons. Don’t forget to pray for discussion groups, friends and family, as well as asking God how you can be involved.

Secondly, PROMOTE. Sometimes the best way to pass something along is by word of mouth! Tell your friends, invite your family members, and share this all on social media. There will be postcards and posters around College Church that you can use to spread the word. Also, do you know of a place that would be an ideal discussion location? Your favorite coffee shop? Your own workplace?

Finally, PARTICIPATE. Whether leading a discussion group or participating in one yourself, jump into this opportunity to explore and wonder. There is training provided for those who are interested in leading a new discussion group. Your role will be group facilitator, not a Bible study leader who has all the answers. If you are part of a current small group, you can play a special role in welcoming people who are seeking answers into your group. Check with Josh Stringer if you have questions.


Attend our Sermon Series

Come to our Sunday morning sermon series in January and February! Pastor Josh Moody will be preaching during the regular Sunday morning services at 8, 9:30, and 11 a.m. on the following dates: 

January 27 – Is there a God?

February 3 – Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?

February 10 – Is Jesus Really God?

February 17 – Is the Bible Reliable?

February 24 – Can I Know God Personally?


Join a Discussion Group

Explore God Discussion Groups are designed to create a safe environment where group members can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. These groups discuss some of the most popular questions people have about God, faith, religion and the Bible. Some of the questions that we explore include questions like, does life have a purpose, is there a God, and why does God allow pain and suffering? Explore God is designed to be a resource for everyone. None of us have it all figured out and these questions around God are arguably some of the most important questions we should all explore.

Everyone is invited and there is no cost to attend, so join us as we explore God together!

More information and resources to come.


Start a Discussion Group

It’s easy to start an Explore God Discussion Group! If you can be hospitable, play a video, read a few questions, and listen well, you can facilitate a group. 

Be on the look-out for more resources and information pertaining to discussion groups.