walking alongside families

In addition to providing classes and programs for STARS, we are also here to support the families who love them. We realize that the entire family, and often extended family, is impacted by a family member who has a disability. We desire to form relationships between our church family and your family to offer prayer, support, encouragement and respite. 

If you have specific needs or concerns or just need someone to talk to, please contact our director, Julie Clemens.


  • Friday night PARENT DINNER

    On October 4, 6:30-9 p.m., all STARS parents/caregivers are invited to a special dinner on the main level in the Commons while the STARS enjoy Friday Night Fun and Buddy Break in the lower levels of the Commons.
    More details to come as the date draws closer.

    Who is invited: Parents and Caregivers

    Where: Commons Hall
    RSVP required: Please register online by the Tuesday prior to the parent group meeting.
    Contact: Director of Disability Ministries Julie Clemens.

  • stars dads group

    All STARS dads are invited for dinner, activities, sharing, prayer and just plain fun! This group is joined by the dads from the GEMS disability ministry of Wheaton Bible Church.
    When: Second Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
    Where: Location varies
    What to bring: $5 suggested donation per person for dinner

    RSVP required: Contact Doug Linhardt
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