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If you've signed up for RightNow Media, great! There are so many things to explore including watching Kids' Harbor Gospel Project lessons. But where do you find them?

You have two ways to discover CCIW Bible lessons:
1. You will receive an email that looks like this with the subject reading, "Check out this great new leadership content." Click view post to find the CCIW Bible lesson.

2. On the RightNow Media website, you have a profile. You can find the "my profile" tab in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. It looks like this:



a. In your profile you have an inbox.
b. In your inbox, you will find the CCIW Bible lessons.
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 youngest sermon notes

Children's Ministries at College Church seek to provide a safe, enriching environment for all children, support parents in their role as the primary nurturers of their child's faith and nurture, teach and equip children to know, love and serve Jesus.


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