COVID-19 Update: Whether connecting online or in socially distanced meetings in person, summer events and programs are coming together to connect us as people and growing us as a church. Join our livestream on Sunday morning and view How to Host your Group Online for guidance on how to navigate meeting online. 

If you have questions, call the church or contact Sherri.

For all ages at 9:30
Location: C104 B,D&F
Topic: Ezekiel
Teacher: Dan Block

For all ages at 9:30
Location: C104E
Topic: The Doctrine of God
Teacher: Dr. Victor Kuligin

For all ages at 9:30
Location: C104A,C
Topic: 2 Kings
Teachers: Philip Ryken, Gregg Quiggle

For all ages at 9:30
Location: C101
Topic: Verse by verse discussion
using the Greek text of Philemon.
Prior study of Greek is not required. 
Teacher: Jon Laansma

For all ages at 8:00
Location: CL01
Topic: James
Teacher: Bruce Main

Primarily for our international community at 9:30
Location: CL03 
Topic: Sermon discussion
Teacher: Steve Krogh

Gifted To Serve Class:
Trait Assessment
Description of Spiritual Gifts
Friends Feedback
Ministry Feedback
Josh Moody's sermon 12.29.19