Mental Health CARE

In light of the current coronavirus situation, Grace Groups will not meet until further notice. For more about how College Church is responding during this time, please go to our update page.

Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and other problems with mood stability are real and need compassionate support. Perhaps Grace Group will help you on your journey!

Who is Grace Group for?
Grace Group is a group for those affected by mental illness--either the individual living with difficult mental and emotional issues, or the individual who has a loved one who struggles with these issues. You'll find it to be a warm, caring and confidential environment. A $20 fee covers the cost of materials.

What is the group like?
There are three key parts to the group experience:

Faith - A scripture passage that looks at a Biblical story related to the topic is read and discussed, along with a short commentary.
Fact - A specific fact related to the topic is discussed among the group.
Future - Practical suggestions and tips are given so that individuals can immediately begin to apply them to their life and particular situation. Meetings end with prayer and encouragement

When do we meet?
Grace Group meets most second and fourth Mondays from 7-9 p.m. Here is a complete schedule of dates and topics.

How do I get started?

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For more information about the Grace Group for mental health, email Pastor of Congregational Care and Family Ministries, Eric Channing, or his administrative assistant, Christy Chiodras, or call them at (630) 668-0878.