Short-Term Missions initiatives


So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor.

Ministry Philosophy
We believe that those who participate in a cross-cultural or domestic ministry experience--adults and youth alike--begin to develop a great Christian maturity and become not only more committed to ministry and global missions but also more effective church members who actively engage in praying, going and/or sending. 


Accepting applications for 2017 STAMP teams through January 11, 2017!

Deadline extended through February 5, 2017. Apply now!

Accepting applications for Justice & Compassion (high school) teams through January 25, 2017.

Next Steps:

1) Download the appropriate blank application in the sidebar on the right (STAMP for adult/family teams or Justice & Compassion for high school students). 

2) Save the blank form to your computer before you start filling it out!

3) Submit the completed form to (or for J&C     teams).

4) Get your passport!

5) Questions? Contact Marilyn at (630) 668-0878, ext. 191.


STAMP Arizona (March) - $1,250 per person includes project funds
General laborers needed; age range: 25-70

Leaky roofs and expensive radio equipment don’t go together. Take your skills to Nogales, Arizona to raise the roof! Years of weather and general deterioration of the station’s building poses critical problems—structural and financial—for the ministry to continue broadcasting to listeners in the surrounding cities and across the border. We’re looking for experienced laborers to practically lift up the work of the gospel in this border city! Hosts: Marcos & Mariana Romero, KNOG Radio

STAMP Haiti (May 20-27) - $2,200 per person includes ministry fees to Kids Alive International
Minimum age 18

Vulnerable children are the passion of Kids Alive. One of the key components of this ministry is strong education, and Kids Alive is committed to train and professionally develop its national teaching staff as well as to provide strong, safe school buildings. This team will work on the construction of a new school building slated to open in August 2017. The team will also provide after-school activities for significant interaction with the kids who are served by these schools. Host: Kids Alive International
Note: The Zika virus is present in Haiti; pregnant women or couples trying to conceive should not participate on this trip.

Vietnam Culture (May 28-June 30) - $3,200 per person
College-aged individuals; minimum age 18

A pilot program with ELIC, Engage Culture is a rich opportunity to grow in a deeper understanding of Vietnam as a country and a people as well as to learn about the young national church. Personal discipleship and growth lay the foundation for this experience. The team will participate in peer-to-peer evangelism through cultural exchange and engage with Vietnam’s culture though training, basic language acquisition and practical and educational excursions. The team will serve the national church through English clubs as guest teachers and run a one-week English camp, an unprecedented opportunity for expansion of the Vietnamese Church, in a remote mountainous region of central Vietnam. Come, see and learn! Host: English Language Institute China (ELIC)

STAMP Dominican Republic (June 10-17) - $2,200 per person includes ministry fees to Kids Alive International
Great family trip! Some age restrictions do apply. Contact the Missions Office.
Coordinate fun and gospel-centered activities for at-risk children during the three- to four-day half-day staff training. Requirements for this team require a heart for positive, loving interaction with kids of all ages and lots of energy. The team will also assist with the construction of a security wall and fence needed to increase the facility’s security levels. Hosts: VanDerMolens and Trautweins, Kids Alive International

Note: The Zika virus is present in the DR; pregnant women or couples trying to conceive should not participate on this trip.

STAMP Greece (July 11-20) - $2,200 per person
Age range: 18-75
Serve the vulnerable who have arrived to the island of Lesbos and the city of Athens to face a potential of 12-18 months in a refugee camp. This team will practically live out the gospel as they serve the “least of these” in the holding facilities that have become home to so many seeking refuge. Share your faith journey with those who’ve never heard while assisting with the practical needs of food, clothing and housing. Host: Greater Europe Mission

Note: Due to increased security and safety measures, a 1:1 male/female ratio is preferred for this team.

STAMP Romania (July 21-August 1) - $2,200 per person
Age range: 18-60
Love backpacking, camping and university students? Use your affinity for the great outdoors, the Fagaras Mountains, as a backdrop for building relationships and opening gospel opportunities through an outdoor adventure-themed English camp. Hosted by Cru’s student ministries in Romania, this team will boost the visibility of this ministry by providing English speakers, a much-desired “commodity” in today’s global landscape. Hosts: Dave & Shari Ginn, Cru

Justice & Compassion Englewood (high school students)
Host: Daniel Bair, Urban Youth Outreach
Engage in relational activities with Englewood youth served by Urban Youth Outreach. Hear their stories and learn about the challenges they face on a daily basis.
Trip #1: June 11-17
Trip #2: July 9-15