Missions Spotlight

Thanksgiving Eve Offering 2017

Supporting projects in South America, Asia and Africa

Each year we have the opportunity to give out of the abundance of what we have been given to help spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. This year we have the unique opportunity to support three projects that focus on different stages of the discipleship process in different parts of the world.

Evangelism in the Amazon basin—in partnership with Reach Beyond, the Players of Hope project deliver solar-powered MP3-like audio players preloaded with content explaining the plan of salvation, the entire Scriptures, a series of Bible studies and daily devotionals, special programs for children and teenagers, indigenous worship music and educational programs and health topics to remote villages in the Amazon Basin. Funds for this project will be used by national missionaries to provide 300 more Players of Hope for this ongoing project.

Training pastors in South East Asia—in partnership with Leadership Resources International (LRI), this project helps launch a movement of the Word in South East Asia. LRI supports this work by identifying indigenous mentor-trainers to transfer key elements and principles of pastoral training into the local context. These leaders will then be able to develop their own organic style and process for pastoral training. LRI will then work to strengthen these leaders in character, capacity, competence, and confidence to rightly handle the Word of God for the church in South East Asia.

International church-planting in Nairobi Kenya— Neopolis is a church-planting network developed by College Church’s daughter church, Holy Trinity. Neopolis means “new city” and comes from Paul’s second missionary journey in Acts 16:11. Through the efforts of Neopolis, the hope is to see cities renewed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Funds for this project will help to plant new churches in Nairobi Kenya; strengthen and renew existing churches; and encourage and equip pastors and leaders–all in order to influence the world for Christ.

Give to these projects online or by bringing the Thanksgiving offering envelope to the church office or to the November 22 Thanksgiving Eve Service.

standing with the global church

Strategic Priority

The Least-Reached

Although 70% of the world's population has heard the gospel in some form, 30% of the world (two billion people) has had virtually no exposure to the gospel message. As a result, there exists 1,600 people groups in which less than 2% of their population is evangelical Christian. The majority of these least-reached peoples live in areas of religious restriction, with great language and cultural barriers to the spread of the gospel.

Our Response

For the past 25 years, our missions policy has explicitly stated our intention to give priority to those areas in which the opportunity for hearing the gospel is relatively small. Today some of the largest least-reached people groups are found in India, China, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, Iran, Tunisia and Vietnam.

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