The gospel at Work: from here to there

How does my work relate to God's global plan to redeem people from every people group on the planet?
Can God really use my profession, my skills, and my experience?


Join us as we answer these important questions.


Together with Michael Oh of the Lausanne Movement, we will consider reaching both our local community and the global community by making a kingdom impact in every sphere of society. We will hear stories of the gospel at work through our missionaries serving around the world, and we will celebrate Jesus Christ and his global work of redemption.  


Discover your role in God’s plan. Discover the Gospel at work.


Dr. Michael Oh has served as Global Executive Director/CEO of the Lausanne Movement since 2013. Michael received his BA, MS, and PhD degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. He also completed an MDiv at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, as well as an MA in Regional Studies, East Asia, at Harvard University.


Before taking on his leadership role in the Lausanne Movement, Michael, his wife Pearl and their five children served as missionaries in Nagoya, Japan from 2004 to 2016. During this time, Michael founded the ministry of Christ Bible Institute (CBI).


More details like the festival schedule and attending missionaries to follow.

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Although 70% of the world's population has heard the gospel in some form, 30% of the world (two billion people) has had virtually no exposure to the gospel message. As a result, there exists 1,600 people groups in which less than 2% of their population is evangelical Christian. The majority of these least-reached peoples live in areas of religious restriction, with great language and cultural barriers to the spread of the gospel.

Our Response


For the past 25 years, our missions policy has explicitly stated our intention to give priority to those areas in which the opportunity for hearing the gospel is relatively small. Today some of the largest least-reached people groups are found in India, China, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, Iran, Tunisia and Vietnam.

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