Announcing Our Summer Forum 2018

The Gospel at Work 

  • In the former Soviet Union
  • On the Korean Peninsula
  • In the Middle East
  • In Western Europe
  • In Africa
  • In South America
  • In the U.S.
  • In Chicagoland

Starting Sunday June 17, 9:30 a.m. in Commons Hall


During the school year- Sunday morning Communities are a time for adults to connect with one another and learn to think biblically about God, the gospel and the world around them. For resources from our Summer Forum, visit Buzzwords.

To get information on teachers or topics, look for a copy of the Community Guide at the church or contact Kylie.


For all ages at 11:00
Location: CL03
Topic: Galatians
Teacher: Neil Wright

Open to all ages at 9:30
Location: C104C
Topic: Taking the Bible Seriously
Teacher: Wallace Alcorn

For all ages at 9:30
Location: Commons Gym
Topic: Reformation
Teachers: Philip Ryken, 
Adam Callaway, Gregg Quiggle

Greek Exegesis Study at 9:30
Location: Board Room
Topic: Verse by verse discussion
using the Greek text of Colossians.
Prior study of Greek is not required. 
Teacher: Jon Laansma, Bob Carlson

For all ages at 8:00
Location: CL01
Topic: Hebrews
Teacher: Wallace Alcorn

Primarily for seniors at 11:00
Location: 210
Topic: Selected Psalms based
on Charles Spurgeon's book,
                                                                              "The Treasury of David" 
                                                                              Teacher: Don Henry

Open to all ages at 9:30
Location: C104B, D  &F
Topic: Deuteronomy
Teacher: Dan Block


Primarily for our international community
CL03 at 9:30
Topic: Sermon discussion
Teacher: Steve Krogh